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CZ ferrofluid BLU CZ ferrofluid GLD CZ ferrofluid BLU
CZFerro BLU 100mlCZFerro GLD 100mlCZFerro Zkull 750ml

CZFERRO - BLU 100ML This ferrofluid display takes it to the next level by adding a brilliant blue color to the ferrofluid. It really brings out the spikes in all their glory and in the right light even changes hue from purple to blue.

CZFERRO - GLD 100ML This ferrofluid display stands on its own high atop its throne as the monarch of ferrofluid displays...Ok, but seriously the ferrofluid looks like its made of gold! Liquid magnetic gold! Enough said. .

CZFERRO -ZKULL 750ML Using the famous Crystal Skull Vodka bottle, we've transformed its beauty into an interactive ferrofluid display. The ZKull bottle alone is a work of art worthy for display, but we couldn’t help but put some ferrofluid...




CZ ferrofluid Klock CZ ferrofluid Motion CZ FERRO spyke
CZFerro Klock 100mlCZFerro Motion 60mlCZFerro spYke 60ml

CZFERRO - KLOCK 100ML This ferrofluid display offers the largest flat viewing surface of all our displays and the natural shape of the bottle even magnifies your view of the ferrofluid! You'll lose track of time when you get your hands on this...

CZFERRO - MOTION 60ML This ferrofluid display is designed for more room to play. The Motion allows for longer drops and sliding movement. Each one of our retail ferrofluid displays now comes with a deluxe magnet set called NeoPWN. The set can...

 Re-introducing the spYke 60ml. The displays comes with 2ml of ferrofluid and a specially configured suspension liquid so it stays "spikey".




CZ ferrofluid Squared CZ ferrofluid Squared 120ml
CZFerro Squared 60mlCZFerro Squared 120ml

CZFERRO - SQUARED 60ML The most recognized ferrofluid bottle display in the world. Gizmodo called our little display " The Best Desk Toy Since Newton's Cradle " Get one today and see for yourself why it’s so popular. Each one of our retail...

CZFERRO - SQUARED 120ML Our baby is all grown up! This ferrofluid display is 2X the size of our original Squared design with 4X as much ferrofluid. You asked for it and we listened. Each one of our retail ferrofluid displays now comes with a...